Best Online Hearing Tests

Online Hearing

Online hearing Tests can be a quick way to assess your hearing health and detect existing problems before it’s too late. Being available on the internet, they allow you to quickly check your hearing immediately you suspect an ear problem. These tests can also be used to track your hearing progress during recovery. Most online hearing tests work in similar ways, but we settled on the six below as they are very user-friendly and also offer follow-ups in case of any problems.


MdHearing Test

This is one of the more accurate online hearing test. The process follows six steps where each ear, left and right, is tested with sounds of different frequencies and varying tones. This structure makes it possible for the site to offer more accurate results than some in-person ENT tests. It only takes about 8 minutes to clear the test. Being a hearing aid manufacturer, you’ll be directed to quality and affordable Hearing Aids to address the issues identified.

Hearing Test Online

It is a calibrated online hearing test and is among the best platforms available. The platform takes you through a process to set up your testing environment. You can then perform the hearing test, and the results will be displayed as an audiogram that can be saved for medical purposes. Heating Test is also used in NGOs for screening people in remote areas.

Nessa Online Hearing Test

Nessa provides a similar hearing test as Hearing Test Online and is designed by the same engineer. It uses the same setup for the test, but the test has interesting animal sounds that make it fun. The user interface is also well made and provides step-by-step instructions for the program. Enjoy a fun experience while taking the test. The results are textual and quite generic that will give you an idea of your hearing performance.

AudioCheck High-Frequency Range Test

This test can perform high-frequency tests alongside the classic hearing test. This is a very simple test and yet can be a better test than the usual ENT hearing tests. The test is made cleverly and intuitively for people. To run the test, you need to play an audio file and listen to it at different frequencies. People feel that increasing the volume can change the results, but it is designed well to make people hear the sine tone only when the ears are good.

Handtronix Online Hearing Test

Handtronix offers another easy-to-take online hearing test where a user can start with playing a tone and set the level of the computer according to when the tone reaches the threshold of your hearing. Then the user can listen to other audio files to confirm whether they can hear the other sounds or not. This is a non-calibrated test that will fail if your hearing loss affects all frequencies equally. It is still a good beginner level test you can take.

AudioCheck Perceptual Sweep

Another hearing test from AudioCheck is also a good test similar to their previous test. But it is a non-calibrated test that works to check your hearing threshold only. It can scan the entire human hearing range from 20Hz to 20Khz. You can adjust the first tone according to your hearing threshold and then play the file a second time to check how long you can hear the sweep. If you cannot hear the sound after 10 seconds, you will have to get your ears checked.