Listen Lively Hearing Aids Reviews

Listen Lively Hearing Aids Reviews

Lively has generated ripples in the online hearing aid market by promising high-tech features and reliable after-sales service. On top of that, they come with a price tag that delivers unbeatable value. But how good are their products in the real world?

We checked out the most popular Lively hearing aids from the brand to find out how they perform. In this review, we will share the truth with you.

Quick View: Listen Lively Hearing Aids

Lively Hearing Aid 



Noise Cancellation

Bluetooth Compatible

Included Accessories

Lively Rechargeable Hearing Aid





A pair of hearing aids with a charging case

Lively Battery-Powered Hearing Aid





A pair of hearing aids with one year of batteries

Quick Verdict: Listen Lively Reviews

Lively boasts of a support team of top audiologists and a range of leading researchers in hearing technology. The brand also ensures that all its products are FDA-approved hearing aids and offers excellent support to customers. 

While the two products Lively offers have proved popular with consumers, they’re pretty high on the price scale compared with other top online hearing aid brands like MDHearing Aid.

What Is

The Listen Lively website is a complete audiology platform that offers a free and simple hearing test. The most important aspect of picking a hearing aid is having your hearing tested properly. The Lively online test allows you to judge your hearing capabilities and help you make the right decision about hearing aid purchase. As per the user feedback, it is one of the best online hearing tests available.

You can also use the website to shop directly for hearing aids. In addition, the website offers customers full support on the product, including Lively audiologist assistance.

Who Owns Listen Lively?

Lively Hearing Corporation was formed from Redesign Health, a venture studio based in New York. It was co-founded by Adam Karp and Elad Kolet, and Karp is presently the CEO of Lively.  The brand has also partnered with ReSound, one of the top brands for manufacturing hearing aids and accessories, to develop its products.

How Does Listen Lively Work?

The goal of the Lively team is to provide for patients who have hearing issues and profound hearing loss. Users can take the online hearing test, consult with an audiologist via video conference, and receive a top-end hearing aid right at their doorsteps. The entire process can be completed without the need for in-person visits to an audiologist’s office.

The Lively online hearing test is based on the test developed by Stephane Pigeon. He is a renowned audiologist and signal processing engineer whose work on online hearing tests has been used by many researchers [1].

Apart from delivering ease and affordability to patients, the Lively team also offers a complete hearing care process. While the device is initially designed based on the reports and tests, the ongoing support is supposed to continue the process of fine-tuning it over a period of time. These correction factors are to ensure the best results for the clients without needing an in-person exam.

listen lively

Ordering Listen Lively Hearing Aids

The ordering of Listen Lively hearing aids is a simple process. The direct-to-consumer sales model is implemented through their website. You do not need to have an audiogram from a medical professional to buy a Lively hearing aid. 

Once the online hearing test is complete, you will have to choose a model from the website. Keep in mind, ordering a single hearing aid is not possible; you will have to buy a pair. Lively’s audiologists will check the test results, determine the level of hearing loss, and program the hearing aids. Once the buying process is complete, you will receive the hearing aids. 

In the next stage, the Lively audiologists will continue the fine-tuning process based on your requirements and feedback. At any point, you can book a follow-up appointment for further technical support through remote platforms.

Listen Lively Mobile App 

The Lively mobile app is a great feature that allows the Lively audiologists to remotely adjust the hearing aids. This works through the Lively assist feature on the app. 

The app also contains volume adjustment features and a sound enhancer mode. You can adjust the bass, middle, and treble settings of the headphone from the app itself. Beyond that, there is a status page that reports the connectivity status of the hearing aid.

Maintenance and Care 

Lively’s hearing aids are easy to maintain and require no special cleaning. In most cases, wax buildup is a major cause of hearing aid problems. Lively recommends cleaning the hearing aids at least once a week. 

The microphone and the earbuds are cleaned with the supplied brush and a piece of cloth. If the wax filters are still not clean, it is time to replace them.

Lively also offers replacement filters that can be used to replace old filters under the earbuds. Changing the receiver is also easy with the supplied receiver pick.

Hearing Assist App

The hearing assist is a part of the Lively mobile app. This is one of the easiest ways to approach the Lively support team for any help regarding the hearing aid.

Listen Lively Help and Customer Service 

By using the Lively Help service, you can take help from an audiologist regarding any problems with the hearing aids. The specific settings will be customized through the app interface based on your feedback. 

Lively hearing aids come with a 100-day risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee. You can return the product and initiate a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product within this period. 

Every one of Lively’s  hearing aids are also covered by a three-year loss and damage protection.

Listen Lively Pros and Cons

We list down some of the pros and cons of Listen Lively hearing aids.



Listen Lively Customer Reviews

There are not many direct consumer reviews available for Lively hearing aids. The reasons for that are Lively is a new brand, and it uses a direct-to-consumer model. In general, most Lively reviews are positive, and customers praise the quality of the products and the excellent customer service. The brand is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


There have been some negative reviews about sales calls from the company, as well as the hearing aids themselves.

Listen Lively Complaints 

There are not many complaints related to Lively hearing aids. Some users had problems related to the fit of the device, and a few others had issues with Bluetooth connection after the reprogramming of the hearing aids. The main issue seems to be with customer support, with slow response times and regular sales calls.

Listen Lively Hearing Aids Reviews

Take a look at the Lively hearing aids review for the two hearing aid models that are available.

1. Listen Lively Rechargeable Hearing Aid



Star Rating

Compact size

A behind-the-ear model with a small receiver that fits easily


Designed for smartphones

You can stream directly from iOS and the latest Android devices


Background noise reduction

Designed to recognize  voices and automatically prioritize it



Pricey but Lively is offering them at discounts and also providing financing


Battery life

Rechargeable battery. A 3-hour charge delivers 30 hours of power and a 30-minute charge delivers 8 hours of power




The Lively rechargeable hearing aids are a good choice for users who don’t require a high-tech hearing aid for severe hearing loss. They are compact behind-the-ear models and come in seven different colors. You can choose as per your hair color to make it more discreet.

The receiver of the device is small enough to be placed inside the ear canal without any discomfort. A small wire that loops over the ear connects this with the main device that sits at the back of the ear.

The directional microphones prioritize the clarity of speech sounds, and there are customized sound settings for different environments. These include parties, restaurants, TV, etc. The advanced technology also allows you to hear sounds from multiple directions with clarity. 

With background noise cancellation and feedback control, you get great sound clarity in challenging environments. All adjustments can be easily done through the Lively app.

The rechargeable design comes with a charging case, so you need not change the battery. Being a smart device, the hearing aid can stream music or calls from your smartphone. At the same time, you have the option of online support from Lively’s audiologist to customize the device as per your needs.

Bottom Line:

These FDA-approved hearing aids are a great choice for users looking for the right sound quality and best comfort. The rechargeable batteries and easy-to-use mobile app are just some of the excellent features.

Considering the price, it would be nice if this Lively hearing aid came with water resistance. If you want to use your hearing aids outdoors or in the gym, the IP 57 rated MDHearing Aid VOLT+ is a better option.

2. Listen Lively Battery Powered Hearing Aid



Star Rating

Compact size

Almost invisible design and seven different colors to choose from


Designed for smartphones

Bluetooth enabled and the mobile app makes it easy to stream music or calls to the hearing aid, along with easier sound adjustments


Background noise reduction

Directional microphones reduce unwanted noise and offer optimized clarity



More affordable than the rechargeable option but still not low priced


Battery life

Lively provides one year supply of batteries




If you want a more affordable headphone without compromising the sound quality, these battery-powered Lively hearing aids are a great pick. This hearing aid comes with the same compact design and excellent comfort levels. Lively has marked them as “nearly invisible”. 

Keep in mind; they are designed for low to moderate hearing loss. For advanced hearing loss, you will need hearing aids of higher quality.

With the bundle, you also get features like noise reduction, feedback control, and both automatic and manual programming modes. Even in the presence of noise, the device maintains a high level of speech clarity. The hearing aid can automatically change the sound settings based on the environment. It also comes with features like tinnitus management and frequency sharing.

The overall build quality of these Lively hearing aids is also top-notch. However, like the model above, they don’t come with a water-resistance rating.

Lively offers free shipping with their products, but this model seems a little overpriced compared to others on the market. 

The Lively mobile app is great for remote support from Lively’s technical team available every day of the week. Excellent customer support is a key factor that makes these hearing aids a reliable choice and helps you to avoid the hassles of an in-person visit. Also, the 100-day trial period with a money-back guarantee is a generous offer.

Bottom Line:

This is a well-designed hearing aid with a Bluetooth connection and excellent sound quality. That said, if you are looking for low-cost hearing aids that offer great sound quality, the MDHearingAid AIR is a solid option. It offers great value and is ideal for regular use in a variety of environments.

How Much Does Listen Lively Cost?

The Lively hearing aids are priced at $2400 for each pair of rechargeable models and $1850 for a pair of battery-powered models. However, these hearing aids are often available at discounts as these prices aren’t cheap. Since Lively sells hearing aids directly and not through traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, they can keep the prices lower and pass the price savings to the customers.

Where Can I Buy Listen Lively Hearing Aids? 

The Lively hearing aids are available only on the official Lively website.

ListenLively Prices: Are They Fair? 

The price of hearing aids is an important factor, especially for senior citizens. The Lively hearing aids cost around half the price of the standard prescription hearing aids. You also get a free online hearing test and licensed audiologists to support you for two years with each purchase.

Lively offers affordable payment plans for buyers who are unable to pay the full price upfront. 

Even so, they are not the lowest-priced products in this category. The hearing aids from  MDHearing Aid are an excellent choice for moderate hearing loss. We consider the hearing aids from MDHearing Aid the most affordable options when you plan to buy hearing aids online.

Does Listen Lively Take Insurance?

In general, insurance plans do not cover hearing aids from any brand. For most insurance companies, covering hearing devices is not financially viable. So it’s not possible to buy Lively hearing aids through insurance.

Does Listen Lively Give Refunds?

As we have mentioned in the Lively hearing aids review, the brand has a 100-day return policy. You can get a full refund if you return the product within a period of 100 days.


Are Listen Lively Hearing Aids Any Good?

Considering the quality and price, they are a good option for people with moderate hearing loss. Also, their easy online hearing test and excellent customer care make the process of buying new hearing aids extremely convenient.

How Much Is Listen Lively?

The Lively bundle comes with two hearing aid models. They are priced at $2400 and $1850 for the rechargeable and the battery-powered model, respectively. However, you can get them at good discounts from the Lively website.

Which ReSound Hearing Aid Does Lively Use?

Lively has partnered with ReSound to develop their hearing aids and uses the LiNX hearing aids.


Lively has emerged as a brand that is looking to transform the process of hearing aid purchase online. In this regard, the key concepts are telemedicine and top-notch online test service. With a core group of licensed audiologists to help customers and FDA-approved devices, their products deliver the right level of quality and safety, but not at the lowest prices out there.

Lively hearing aids cost more than other models of similar quality, so if you are looking for hearing loss care through personalized audiology at an affordable price, MDHearing Aid is a reliable choice. You can check our MDHearing Aid review for a detailed analysis.


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