Audien Hearing Aids Review

Audien Hearing Aids Review

A loss in your sense of hearing is frustrating and disorientating. If hearing loss is an issue you suffer from, the last thing you need is for your hearing aid search to invoke those same emotions! There are many hearing devices on the market, and Audien products are one option that we will carefully review. 

This article helps you simplify your search for the right product by summarizing Audien reviews and customer feedback. It also offers you information about recommended brand alternatives.

Quick View: Audien Hearing Aids Reviews 

Audien Hearing Aid 


Battery Life

Technological Features




20 hour battery life

Volume control

1 year or lifetime protection plan for $25



20 hour battery life

Volume control; HD microphone; wireless charging

1 year free or lifetime protection plan for $25

Quick Verdict: has received very mixed reviews from customers on both the product quality and company service. Overall, Audien devices are a low-cost option. They may not be as effective as custom-programmed hearing aids but can serve as a budget backup if you need one. For higher quality and potentially more reliable alternatives, we recommend checking out MDHearing Aids.

Is Audien Hearing Aids Legitimate? 

The company sells its products online without requiring a hearing test or a prescription. This is because they are made for mild to moderate hearing loss using simple generic technology such as amplification. It is legitimate to sell amplification devices, although the FDA cautions that over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices are not considered actual medical equipment in the U.S. [1].

Hearing problems are not usually straightforward regarding the range of sounds that you need to amplify or block out to hear better. For a more focused and tailored device to fit your specific hearing needs, you will need to consult an audiologist and have a hearing test. 

Hearing tests are simple and can even be done online. To get you started on this, information about the best online hearing tests may be useful to you.

How Does Audien Hearing Work?

Audien operates by selling its products via their website and delivering them straight to your door. The company has a 30-day returns policy and a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Where Is Audien Hearing Located?

Audien is an American company based in Arizona that sells its products internationally.

Ordering Audien Hearing Aids

To make an order from Audien, you would choose one of their products online and pay by credit card via their website.

You can track your order until delivery, and Audien provides free shipping.

Maintenance and Care 

For maintenance and care, regular cleaning and careful storage are a must. Some hearing products, including those from Audien, are not totally water-resistant.

There is no specific Audien policy about managing the maintenance of your hearing aid; however, if the device aid stops functioning, you are covered for a free replacement within one year, unless there is a certain type of damage such as water damage.

Audien Hearing Customer Service 

Audien receives queries and responds to complaints online. Their main customer service channel is via their email address.

Audien Hearing/Support

From the Audien website, it is possible to access online support through chat, or you can contact them via email.

Audien Hearing Phone Number

The office telephone number in Arizona is: (205) 255-1112.

Audien Pros and Cons

If you’re interested in these hearing aids, here are some pros and cons to Audien.



Audien Hearing Reviews

Audien Hearing company and products have received mixed reviews. 

Negative reviews include the products not appearing exactly as they are advertised. Delays in shipping, slow response from the company, and difficulty for customers getting money back were also issues.


In contrast, the company does have plenty of positive reviews, and some customers had a great experience with the customer support.


Audien Hearing Aid Complaints 

The Better Business Bureau website shows customers feedback about the company’s services and products, many of which have been responded to directly by the company’s manager [2].

As with the company reviews, there is a mix of feelings towards the products in many commentaries. The most common complaint was that one or both hearing aids would stop functioning within a few weeks or months.

According to other reviews, the products may be effective for milder hearing loss and tinnitus management but not for customers with more severe hearing loss. For those with worse hearing problems, the product was not successful in reducing background noise.

The size and fit also came up as an issue many times; however, this may be expected as the hearing aids are not individually fitted. If the size or shape is an issue, it should be possible to return the product and get a refund.

Audien Hearing Aids Scam: What’s the Story?

The Best Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division challenged the company to substantiate claims on their website, such as: “Audiologists #1 recommended online hearing aid”, as apparently, the company is lacking in medical credibility and therefore may need to revise its marketing strategy [3].

Audien Hearing Aid Reviews

Here is a quick look at the products available from Audien.

Audien EV1 Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids



Star Rating


Affordable purchase price compared with others at $89


Technological Features

Does not contain any advanced technology and seems outdated compared with more advanced hearing devices


Battery Life

Compared with other battery life in hearing aids, the Audien EV1 fares well at 20 hours when charged


Clarity: Background Noise, White Noise, etc.

Depending on the extent of your hearing loss and the volume you require, the product has average or below average noise clarity


Size and Comfort

The hearing device is marketed as discrete and ‘almost invisible’, although many reviews suggest the hearing devices do not fit many customer’s ears or were larger than expected




The Audien EV1 is an affordable, rechargeable hearing device with simple technology and general sound amplification ability. It is worth noting that it’s an analog device without any digital features, although it has basic on/off switches and sound control.

Due to having no specialized features, it may be difficult with this product to cancel out background noise or tune it to what you want to hear, such as the TV volume.

The best features of the product are that it is affordable, rechargeable, and easy to use. The device is not fitted by a specialist and the reports on its comfort are mixed—it would depend on the shape of your ears.

Audien EV1 hearing and other products come with free worldwide shipping, and a full refund is offered for returns within 30 days, so for the money, you may feel it is worth a try.

As a reliable alternative, we recommend looking up MD Hearing Aids, particularly the VOLT+ model. It is relatively affordable too but much higher quality and has more modern features.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is nothing much beats a hearing test or Audiologist’s approval to be properly fitted for your hearing aid. Do not expect too much from this OTC hearing device from Audien. The EV1 could be a budget backup or alternative, like a spare pair of glasses, but does not guarantee an excellent result for all degrees of hearing loss.

Audien EV3 Rechargeable Hearing Aids



Star Rating


EV3 is also reasonably priced at $249


Technological Features

HD feature and wireless charging, but still an analog device


Battery Life

Compared with other battery life in hearing aids, the Audien EV1 fares well at 20 hours when charged


Clarity: Background Noise, White Noise, etc.

EV3 has no directional or focused hearing capacity and may not block out all background noise


Size and Comfort

Physically smaller than the EV1, but many reviews suggest it is larger than advertised. Ear domes allow for a different fit and could increase comfort




The Audien EV3 product is advertised as having an HD feature and being very small and discrete. Customers report that it is smaller than the EV1 version, but that it being sold as “almost invisible” is an overstatement. 

On the other hand, the piece does fit inside the ears as opposed to over them, and the ability to fit your own domes may mean that this product is more comfortable than those that are a fixed size.

The best features of the EV3 hearing product are the rechargeability, wireless charging, and affordability. The HD feature may increase the focus of the hearing device slightly, but as it is not a digital device, the extent to which it can be finely tuned is limited.

Bottom Line:

With affordability, wireless charging, the 30-day return policy, and a year’s free warranty, Audien EV3 may seem an attractive option regardless of whether it is a high-quality product or not. 

It could be another short-term solution on a budget, but we recommend investing in your hearing aid for a higher quality product. That way, you can buy a more finely tuned device that might last longer than an Audien one.

For FDA-approved alternatives with a higher level of technological features, you could also check out MD’s AIR or CORE hearing aids.

How Much Does Audien Hearing Cost?

Audien offers a basic device, the EV1, at a low cost of $89, and a slightly more advanced and smaller device, the EV3, at a reasonable price of $249. 

Where Can I Buy Audien Hearing Aids?

Orders are placed on their website and are shipped around the world. You pay by debit or credit card to make an order online, then take a tracking number for your purchase.

Audien Prices: Are They Fair? 

Audien prices are the lowest on the market, but according to critics, this means quality could be lacking. Audien Hearing can offer lower price products by using simple amplification technology without digital features or programming. If you want something that’s high quality but still affordable, take a look at MD Hearing Aid.

Does Audien Take Insurance?

No, the company does not take insurance. The products are considered over the counter (OTC), and therefore out of pocket payments are required. There are companies that allow you to set up a monthly payment plan with them, though, such as MD.

Does Audien Give Refunds?

Yes, if you want to return the item within 30 days and have not opened it, you can expect to claim a full refund. Similarly, if you are sent a defective pair, all your money should be returned.

Audien Hearing Coupons 

Audien offers up to 65% off their products if you have an online coupon code. The codes are released each month, so see if you can get one here to make a saving. 

Audien Hearing Alternatives

When it comes to the hearing device that best suits you, the choice you make will be tailored to your needs, ear type, budget, and level of hearing loss. That makes for a pretty individual purchase. Below we will provide some brief information for good alternatives to Audien, and you can read a summary of the best cheap hearing aids for extra choices.

MDHearing Aid

The company offers four FDA-approved hearing gadgets that are available to buy online. It also offers accessories, such as batteries, cases, chargers, domes, and cleaning kits. Online hearing tests are available through the company too.

There is a full MDHearing Aid review, but in a nutshell, MD Hearing Aids has many positive reviews due to the range of features on offer, and an online sales process that is supervised by Audiologists.

Hearing Assist

Similar to Audien, Hearing Assist offers a budget option without a hearing test or Audiology report, because they sell simple generic hearing devices for mild to moderate hearing loss. For more information on the company and products, see Hearing Assist customer reviews.

Miracle Ear

Miracle Ear is a reputable, well-established company in the U.S. that sells FDA-accredited hearing products; however, consumer reviews about them have been mixed. The company does not have online ordering; you would have to find their products in its hearing centers. Miracle Ear reviews provide more information on availability and their products.


How Do You Turn On an Audien Hearing Aid?

YouTube has tutorial videos for a visual representation. You just have to locate the small black switch on the device. When it is in the ‘N’ position, it is switched on. When it is in the ‘O’ position, it is switched off.

How Do You Install Audien Hearing Aids?

For the EV3 version, you will need to first fit some ear domes. It is recommended to use the largest size that is comfortable inside your ear. The domes are then positioned onto the earbuds of the device and should subtly click into place. The whole dome and earbud part should then fit snugly into the ear canal to block out any feedback.

Is Miracle Ear a Good Hearing Aid? 

Miracle Ear has four main products that have some patchy reviews. For reliability and credibility, we recommend MD Hearing Aids, especially the VOLT+, the AIR, or the CORE, depending on what your needs are. MD Hearing offers high-tech and high-quality hearing solutions and a 45-day trial.

Where Can I Find Miracle Ear Near Me?

You can visit the Miracle Ear website and book a free online hearing test. From there, you will know if you should also have an in-person consultation at a hearing center. The company will let you know the location closest to you if that’s the case.


Money aside, what you may feel you need more from your ideal hearing device is effectiveness and comfort to improve your quality of life for a long time. Based on our research of Audien products, it seems that in this case, you, unfortunately, ‘get what you pay for,’ and investing a bit more in your hearing product would be worth it in the long run, for something more highly approved in the medical world.

A great alternative could be MDHearing options, for which there is the MDHearing Aid review. It combines (relatively) good value for money with medical know-how, high-tech devices, good discounts, and a 45-day trial.


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